Silicone Squeeze Baby Food Feeding Bottle

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Silicone Squeeze Baby Food Feeding Bottle

 BPA Free Silicone Squeeze Baby Food Feeding Bottle With Soft Silicone Spoon

Multifunctional Feeding Bottle

Can be loaded with a variety of solid food, such as rice paste,oatmeal, fruit puree, vegetable juice, children's medicine and etc.
The seal design of the spoon mouth can block the outflow of solid food
Non-flip buckle to prevent falling off
Dustproof cover can avoid pollution
Flow through the spoon hole, gently squeeze the feeding,control the flow, prevent external exposure. 
1. safe material 
100% food grade silicone , 100% BPA free and 100% phthalates free , passed CE,SGS test .
2. Easy to clean , can be washed completed . Heat resistant : -50 to 200°C . It can be disinfection by boiling water . Great for hot and cold beverages , you can freeze or microwave it . It retains it's shape and never release harmful chemicals.
3.Super-stretching ability of the spoon can stimulate the babys sucking action naturelly.
4.Convenient to use , solve feeding problems and is a great travell companion.
5.Unbreakable / flexible / light

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