Ultra-Thin Protective Silicone Cover for AirPods

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Soft Silicone Case For Airpods Air Pods Box 

Soft Silicone Case For Airpods Air Pods Box Shockproof Earphone Protective Cover

Original: Slim from fitting minimalist design for your AirPods charging case.
Super Thin Version: Only 0.88mm, can barely feel its existence.
High quality: Made of durable impact-resistant silicone, soft and smooth, also can protect your airpods charging case from bumps, scratch, dust and dirty.
Easy to install: Perfectly matches your charging case, fits snugly over the charging case. Because of its light and thin, it needs to adjust the top to fit 100% at first use.
NOTICE: AirPods and AirPods charging case are not included.

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